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As if anyone cared...

2008-05-11 00:50:59 by Wheller

Which you don't i might add.

But i decided, that i would do a Plug for one of my Favorite Television shows: Battlestar Galactica.

The Scifi Channel hit is worth everyone watching. Oddly enough, the show is more Drama than Scifi. the show is currently in its 4th and final season

the basic plot of the Show is that One man (Commander William Adama, of the Battlestar Galactica,) is trying to lead humanity away from the ruins of there home worlds The Twelve Colonies of Kobol. after the Colonies are Destroyed by a Race of Machines Called "Cylons." Commander Adama and the rest of the survivors search for Kobol's Fabled 13th Colony a planet known as Earth.

The show Covers a Variety of topics, such as militarism, Religion, Views on political freedoms and the like.

now, anyone who wants to watch the show MUST, and i mean MUST see Scifi channels Three Hour long Miniseries. if you don't watch the Miniseries you will be hopelessly confused. i have never been able to find the full Miniseries on the Internet, so if you want to go looking for it have at it.



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