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2009-01-23 19:05:19 by Wheller

where does time fly?

simple it doesn't. it runs slowly. VERY slowly. instead of being here at the internets Cesspool of Stupidity. i've been else where...

to be honest. i think i would have rather stayed at the cesspool of Stupidity.

Are You?

2008-05-26 10:47:10 by Wheller

Well? Are you?

Are You?

As if anyone cared...

2008-05-11 00:50:59 by Wheller

Which you don't i might add.

But i decided, that i would do a Plug for one of my Favorite Television shows: Battlestar Galactica.

The Scifi Channel hit is worth everyone watching. Oddly enough, the show is more Drama than Scifi. the show is currently in its 4th and final season

the basic plot of the Show is that One man (Commander William Adama, of the Battlestar Galactica,) is trying to lead humanity away from the ruins of there home worlds The Twelve Colonies of Kobol. after the Colonies are Destroyed by a Race of Machines Called "Cylons." Commander Adama and the rest of the survivors search for Kobol's Fabled 13th Colony a planet known as Earth.

The show Covers a Variety of topics, such as militarism, Religion, Views on political freedoms and the like.

now, anyone who wants to watch the show MUST, and i mean MUST see Scifi channels Three Hour long Miniseries. if you don't watch the Miniseries you will be hopelessly confused. i have never been able to find the full Miniseries on the Internet, so if you want to go looking for it have at it.


Virus' Suck,

2007-11-30 15:50:33 by Wheller

everyone knows that Virus' suck, whether its infecting you, or your computer. Computer virus' suck a lot. so make sure you scan your computer Regularly.

- Computer Doctor Wheller

NOTE: Wheller is not actually a Doctor of any kind, not intended for use in Alaska or Hawaii. other stupid legal crap not one cares about


2007-09-25 21:44:41 by Wheller

Well today is September 25 2007, and i think just about everyone knows what today is, Halo 3's Release Date, i have the game and can't say anymore than the obvious THIS GAME KICKS ASS look out for me, I'll kick your ass to.

New Page header

2007-09-05 17:12:20 by Wheller

If you noticed the new page header, I uploaded one of my favorites, for it I thank Luigibot who made it for me a couple of months ago, using an old joke circulating around Pencil Works Forum. Thanks Luigibot.

And Remember Stay Borgifyed

New Page header

Game Reviews posted by me

2007-08-28 18:40:09 by Wheller

Well I had an idea, and I thought, "you know, people like Video Games, but some times people don't know what to get," so I'll be reviewing Games, I'll put out a new Review, oh say about... once a week. The first game I'll do is Bioshock, (first thought, I have to get my hands on a copy of Bioshock, they're selling like lemonade on a hot summer's day.)

Have to love Microsoft.

2007-07-26 20:44:43 by Wheller

Well I was playing my Xbox, I then of some reason look at the Box it came in, and so I see that Xbox Live Silver, is free and I can use it to download content, so I make a Xbox Live gamertag and find a 1 month Free Trial of Xbox Live Gold, hoorah for free Xbox live!

(My gamertag is WhellerNG for anyone who wants to know.)

New Xbox 360

2007-07-25 22:57:19 by Wheller

So today (the 25th,) I Got an Xbox 360. Just the regular one, not the elite, I also Got one of the Most popular Xbox Games ever. Gears of War, I've been playing Gears for a while now with my friends, and it is truly one of the best games to ever touch an Xbox. No Xbox Live Gold just yet. I don't expect that... at least until, oh, I don't know. Ever? Those Xbox live users out there, I'm coming at you, I'll be known as Wheller. (Well assuming that isn't taken. Or whatever, I'm not too sure how the whole thing works yet...)

Well this is new.

2007-07-18 01:47:34 by Wheller

So one day, I log on my computer, and I am at Newgrounds and I see I animated picture of the NG tank with some tank men around it. Welding and I see the word Redesign. I think "well. It's about time, its July and they promised us this back in what last December? Earlier? I don't know." then today (July 17th) I see that the redesign, is up, so I look around and find a bunch of great new features. Like the ability to (Finally) change your password (Good for me as some jackass found out my password and changed everything to make me look like a fag.) I have to say the new layout is perfect. The only thing I do not like is the image thing, how the image has to be 159 X 212 pixels. That is the only thing I did not like but great in every other way.